We help companies thrive at the intersection of software, product, marketing, sales and innovation. 

From advisory services to grinding it out in the trenches,  if it smells like apps or software-as-a-service, we've got you.



"the full stack"

We've been doing customer-focused, human centered design for more than a decade.  From prioritizing "Wow" to delivering under tight constraints, we understand the full stack of processes and skills it takes.  W3MG has real-world experience uniting sales, marketing, business development, operations and product.

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Sales/marketing enablement

Revenue can come to your business through selling services to, acquiring new customers or building online commerce.  We've extensive experience building everything from sales decks to support sites and acquisition channels.



We've helped companies create processes and teams with tailored solutions.  We typically are helping people find ways to succeed with validated learning, dispersed teams, rapid iteration, data-driven decisions and laser focus on their customers. We also help with platform selection, architecture and team augmentation. 

DESIGN / LEARN /REFINE / Build / Learn / REFINE / Repeat

Selected Projects:

SAAS product management:  design, delivery, marketing and support

Putting the task list in it's place.


How do we realize so much relative to time and resource constraints? 

ResultMaps are the secret sauce, and at the core of our business. ResultMaps automatically organize, handle grunt work, and instill focus that unites team members all over the world.  

Unlike project management apps and task managers that require people to adapt to the tools, ,  ResultMaps' intelligent framework works with teams existing tools to free time and create focus.  Teams use the reclaimed energy and increased focus to innovate, add value and realize results.



APP product management: design and delivery

Humor as the barometer of  organizational culture.


An organizations' jokes indicate a great deal about it's culture. Professor Owen Lynch of SMU has evidence that humor can measure aspects of culture far more accurately than a traditional survey might.  We were honored to help some folks at SMU bring this survey idea to life, and present it to the world at a conference.



SAAS product design: delivering "Wow"

Mission: Turn gigabytes of complex data into simple, actionable recommendations. 


Critical Watch developed a world class, groundbreaking security framework.  Dubbed "Active Countermeasure Intelligence" the platform collects mind-boggling amounts of data to help network security teams and executives instantly assess their risk and determine where to focus first.  

As the product team realized the power their new API (application programming interface), they decided to create a sample app to demonstrate that power in immediately recognizable ways at an upcoming conference. 

We put their brilliance through our Wow process and worked as part of their team to to develop a Wow-worthy app, complete with data visualizations...on time.

Client Feedback

"We reached out to Scott/w3mg to help us attain a high-profile prototype launch on a very compressed timeline. Scott helped us organize and prioritize features and new product ideas into a compelling “Wow-worthy” experience. We got great value and results, and his process plugged right into our product team.

We needed a UI that truly showed off the capabilities of a platform that would later be recognized by the Gartner Cool Vendor award. Scott & w3mg delivered. His unique blend of technical, creative and business experience teased out which data could highlight our technology and open conversations with other partners - exactly what we were looking to achieve."

- Eva Bunker, CEO, Critical Watch




Sales enablement: acquiring new customers

Mission: Bring the brilliance of Maestri LLC's work to life online to
 connect with new prospective clients. 


Eddie Maestri and his firm consistently delight and inspire their clients, peers, and the press alike.  They blendcreativity and technical mastery to create spaces that delight.

When you see the thought that goes into the firm's process, it's seems logical that they deliver excellence across a range of styles and situations.

Maestri LLC's  approach fit perfectly with our process for defining a clear story around the client,  getting to key "Wow" statements, and methodically refining concepts based on feedback. 

Judge for yourself at  www.DesignWhereYouLive.com 

"Maestri, LLC is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Many thanks to Scott Levy and W3 Management Group, LLC for their hard work and creative genius."




P. Allen Smith and his team are on a mission. 


P. Allen Smith helps people "bring the garden home" on through his television series P. Allen Smith's Garden Home  and  P. Allen Smith Gardens.   Allen is passionate about home and garden, works relentlessly to share his passion and know-how with the world.

 He and his team maintain a services arm to help transform and maintain special gardens, large estates, and open spaces.  We love how seriously they take the ideas of stewardship, team, and attention to detail.

 Our challenge was to bring these traits to life online to connect with new clients and deepen and expand their existing relationships.  While the firm has distinct types of clients, every space and situation is unique.  We had to find ways to connect with everyone while keeping the experience as simple and elegant as the spaces the firm cultivates.

The keys to meeting that challenge included allowing the firms' work speak clearly, and helping the team balance and prioritize a range of concerns to meet deadlines.  




Elegant jewerly, profitable business.


Working with artist and entrepreneur Julie Cohn is always a pleasure.  Her design sense and creativity are unmatched.  Her work has been commissioned and acclaimed in an array of places - from Dallas Area Rapid Transit stations, to Dallas Love Field and in a host of hotels and lauded residences.

For Julie, design is a way of life and source of incredible energy. Our job was to help organize and focus that energy,  then get out of the way.   We helped inform her go-to-market strategy,  evaluate platforms,  and customize the experience on a new site showcasing a medium that at the time was brand new for her.  It's been a joy to watch the success of this line of business.