I am nuts about product design, development and management, and even more nuts, when said products live in that overlap between software, gorgeous design, and helping people get better. 

Through W3MG I have been able to connect with people all over the world to create what we describe as the Lab.  It's one part incubator, two parts playground, and seventeen parts creative obsession.  Here are a few the products and things that have come from the Lab and are bubbling and cooking there now.


ResultMaps:  because life's too short to run on the email hamster wheel.  Resultmaps connects individuals and teams to vision, mission, objectives and key results while helping them get things done "in the zone" of peak productivity.   It plugs in to the tools you already use and with a few # and @ organizes projects, schedules, timelines, assignments and collaboration.  It's helped me organize and focus while shifting gears between all of our projects and products, and kept our teams together and on track. And it's the first Lab graduate. Go check it out here.


beta.YoYoBrain.com the secret weapon the knowledge arsenal.  Originally founded with Will Bunker and White Space Ventures as a giant market test.  The product works great - we've been focused on other things so it's been taking a breather.


WowStud.io an invitation-only product management tool that puts the entire canvas at your fingertips - from defining your Wows to detailed screen specs, behavior driven test specifications, and roadmap planning.  It's enabled some amazing product results for my clients.  


The Weekly Wow/ Wow Process all the gory detail on how to create products that delight, inspire and all around Wow the people who use them.  It's a battle-tested set of tools, methods and processes that dramatically lower costs and improve adoption.  Very much akin to Google Ventures Design Sprint - though predates our familiarity with that process.